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Cakewalk Now a Free Download

I was very pleased when a little over a month ago, Bandlab rescued PC-based software company Cakewalk from the incompetent clutches of Gibson. As you probably know, last November, Gibson, as is its habit, had suddenly announced that all Cakewalk programs including the flagship DAW, Sonar, were being discontinued. At the time, Bandlab didn’t discuss its plans for Cakewalk, but we wouldn’t have believed them if they had, because yesterday, Sonar re-emerged as Cakewalk for Bandlab and it is now freeware. Immediately, netizens began looking for the catch. Some were concerned that this new Cakewalk was a  “streamlined” version....

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DayTiME 2018 Perth

I’m really fortunate to have been asked to give the keynote address at DayTiME 2018 in Perth Australia on March 19. The conference is a one-day event, but part of a series of five such days  sponsored by Music EDNet presented throughout Australia. I’ll be talking about how music is made in the 21st century and the implications that has, or should have, for music education.  I’ll also present a couple of workshop sessions on PBL and Time Saving Tech. Please plan on joining us if you live in Western Australia. It’s a pretty short flight from SE Asia,...

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Cakewalk Lives

It was like déjà vu all over again. Gibson announced that it was discontinuing development of Cakewalk software, one of the more popular Windows-based DAWs. I still have bad memories of the time when Gibson acquired Opcode, publisher of my then-favorite DAW, Studio Vision and promptly shut the company down and discontinued the programs. Gibson also did something similar with Oberheim, one of the great analog synthesizer companies. But this time it’s a little different. Gibson is said to be cash-strapped right now, so it was just announced that they have sold Cakewalk to Bandlab Technologies. I’m not a...

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FLGI International Faculty

I’m pleased to announce I am now a member of the international faculty for Flipped Learning Global Initiative. We’ve been through an intense process that has led to the final group of about 30 educators from around the world who have been certified and trained to become leaders in flipped learning. Many of you have probably heard of flipped learning.  Many of you may also think of it as watching videos at home and doing homework in class. While that’s where it started, it’s moved far beyond that now.  Basically, it’s a way to foster active learning in the classroom,...

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Ultimate Guitar Acquires MuseScore

As many of you know, I produced the tutorial videos for MuseScore 2 and I’ve been a big supporter of the program. One of the main reasons is that it’s free and open source. Now that didn’t mean the MuseScore company and people weren’t trying to make money, just that this was the model that they chose. MuseScore has now been acquired by Ultimate Guitar, one of the largest online sites for guitar TABs. The site also includes news and forums. My initial reaction was “oh, no!” But as I looked into it, I’m now more of a mind...

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