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Music Education UK

I’m very pleased to be taking over as music technology editor for Music Education UK, the national music education hub. As editor I’m intending to make the focus of the section Mainstreaming Music Technology. It’s time for the music education community to come to grips with the fact that technology isn’t a fringe subject, it’s at the heart of most music making today. Since the editorial focus will be advocating for inclusion of music technology throughout music education, the content will be intended to help educators do just that. We’ll be looking at cost-effective, time-efficient, real-world ways that technology can be a part of music classes. We’ll be talking to educators who are making the move and experts who can help you in planning and implementation. Even though the audience is the UK music education community, there’s something for everyone and I hope you’ll check us out and join in the...

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Notation Wars Revisited

There have been quite a few developments since my first post about the hows and whys of choosing notation software. But one thing that hasn’t changed is people still ask the question “Finale or Sibelius?” This invariably devolves into a popularity contest of one-word answers without a hint as to why one or the other is better. I do find it curious that it inspires such passion in so many but as I said before, it’s the wrong question Notation software is a tool, nothing more. And as in any field, you need to pick the right tool for...

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Notation software updates

Three of my favorite notation programs for teachers have recently been updated.   PreSonus recently released version 6.2 of its notation program Notion. The big news is that slurs are now editable, a feature that Notion users have long requested. Along with tighter integration with their DAW, Studio One, the update also includes many bug fixes and improvements. Notion for iOS has also been updated to include slur control. Here’s a link to the complete update announcement.   MuseScore also recently released version 2.1. The most significant feature added are new input modes, including real-time recording. One of the more interesting modes is Rhythm mode where you can step enter the rhythm by playing a key on the keyboard and then use repitch to enter the notes. I’ve found this to be very fast when working on tutti or soli section. Other improvements include better playback quality through support for Sound Font libraries, improved selection filters and an interesting Swap command that does what it sounds like; swaps music in one section with that in another. You can find the complete release notes here. Noteflight has also been busy. They’ve just announced a link up with SoundTrap, the online DAW. The programs now integrate automatically Now you can collaborate with other users, export notation directly to SoundTrap for improved or playback or see the notation of your SoundTrap sessions. Full...

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